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This is me!

About Myself

My name is Tom Desair. I’m 25 years old and I live in Belgium, Boutersem, near Leuven. Currently I’m an IT consultant and an enthusiastic CoderDojo coach.

The Student Age

After high school (where I studied latin-mathematics) I went one year abroad with AFS to Perú. There I studied “Ingeniería de Sistemas” at la Universidad Privada del Norte in Trujillo. You can read about the things I’ve experienced there in the blog posts archived here.

After my exchange year I went to Hasselt University and completed my bachelor of science in computer sciences there. I obtained my master in engineering: computer science degree with a specialization in software engineering at the University of Leuven in 2013. As a student I also participated in the student council of Hasselt University and the educational council of computer sciences at the University of Leuven.

During the summer holidays I was a (head) camp leader at the playground activities in Boutersem and various summer camps of Crefi vzw.

The Full-Time Job Age

Now I’m an IT consultant with a focus on IT architecture, software engineering methodologies and Java programming. You can find more information on my LinkedIn profile. You can also download a censored version of my CV here (currently it’s a bit out-dated).


I have a strong interest in technology and open source projects. But I also like working with kids and animals. I like to read about theoretical aspects of computer science as well as sociocultural topics. I’m passionate about techniques and tools to introduce kids to new technologies and programming.

Besides programming with kids, I like to run, bike and do some photography in my spare time.


You can download my public OpenPGP key here: