Testing Wuala cloud storage (with Wuala promo codes!)

In my search for good and secure cloud storage solutions, I’m trying out Wuala. Wuala is a cloud storage provider that I already mentioned in an earlier post. They encrypt your data locally on your computer. This ensures that only you (and not even the people at Wuala) can read your files. This is because your password, used for the encryption, never leaves your computer or is stored (in any form) at the Wuala servers. Other services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive don’t do this, which makes it possible for other people to read your files and view your photos.

I’ve only recently installed Wuala and I’ll write a review later this month when I’ve used and tested it more. But I can already tell you that they have a nice application interface, very good mobile apps (excellent for photo viewing!), good OS integration with seamless folder synchronization (you don’t have to move your files to a special folder) and excellent platform support (I’ve tested Windows, Linux and Android).

If you also want to give Wuala a try, you can use following codes to get extra storage (13 GB!):

  1. Register using my referral link. You get 1 extra GB for 1 year and I 256 MB ;-).
  2. Enter the following Wuala promo codes (one-by-one) in the application under “Options” > “Options…” > “Storage” > “Wuala Codes”  and click “Redeem” to get extra storage:
    • 1000-ANSWERS (1 extra GB for 1 year)
    • CONNECT-WITH-SUPPORT (1 extra GB for 1 year)
    • I-KNOW-MARKUS (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-DOMINIK (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-CAROLA (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-FABIUS (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-LUZIUS (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-MARCEL (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-MARIUS (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-DARIO (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-LIKE-POLAND (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • SKYFISH-IS-COOL (1 extra GB for 3 months)
    • I-KNOW-THOMAS (*NEW*, 1 extra GB for 6 months)
    • I-KNOW-ERIC (*NEW*, 1 extra GB for 6 months)

Unfortunately all this extra storage is for a limited period only and not for a lifetime (as with other services). So take this into account when uploading a lot of data! If you know other Wuala promotion codes or noticed that one of the listed codes isn’t active anymore, please let me know in the comments below.

Have fun with it!

PS: If you’re installing Wuala on Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity:

*Last edit on 13/11/2012*


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